Glass shell paperweights. Tropical vacations are some of our favorites. Scuba diving, strolling on the beach and looking for shells. We designed our art glass paperweight in the alluring shape of the Shell as a remembrance of those cherished moments. These glass paperweights optimize the optical and sculptural qualities of glass in an extraordinarily intriguing way. The interior of the Shell Paperweight is visually mesmerizing – the glass draws your eye forever into the center of the shell’s spiral.The process of making the Shell Paperweight begins with gathering a solid core of molten crystal glass onto the blowpipe. Colored glass fruits and powders are applied and the final shaping is sculpted by hand. Each art glass paperweight Shell is unique. The illusion of an open shell form is revealed through a seven-step hand process of cutting, grinding, and polishing the glass. The three dimensional quality of the interior of these art glass sculptures, reflects the magic of the sea, light, space, and glass. A perfect piece for any Naturalist.


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